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I am not Bakerella

I adore Bakerella. I mean, seriously, LOVE her work. However, I am most definately┬áNOT Bakerella. Case in point, my Easter “cookie pops”. ­čÖé These were Oreo Cakesters, covered with white chocolate bark and gel icing.

Go ahead, laugh. You won’t hurt my feelings. ­čÖé Just thought I’d share a crafting mishap for your viewing enjoyment. LOL

April 5, 2010 at 9:29 pm 3 comments


I'm Tammy Moore, a scrapbooking fanatic in Austin, TX. Thanks for stopping by my little space on the web. Feel free to contact me any time!

Why “Mama Bear Stamps”?

A few years ago my daughter and husband gave me the nickname "Mama Bear" and I've used it ever since! This year I even conqured my fear of needles and had the Chinese symbols of mother and bear tattooed above my right ankle. When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to go by my nickname: Mama Bear. But you can call me Tammy if you'd like. :)

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